Legend of Tharsis.

"During the 21th century the Artificial Intelligence (AI) rapidly superseded human scientists in the field of technology and research. Boundaries given by physics began to shatter, once impossible inventions became reality, and reality itself ceased to be challenging anymore. No one foresaw the consequences of the AI's advancement on the human race and the entire universe…"

Explore planetary bases, more-than-smart cosmic ships and even a mysterious dungeon. Collect weapons, ancient artefacts, magical crystals and fight mighty robots and alien monsters.

Dungeon Knights

Hordes of monsters that want to eat you for breakfast flooded the underground. Find the coolest heroes and send them to explore endless dungeons, collect resources, craft new equipment, enhance their skills and fight the enemies and their bosses.
With rogue-like elements, cute graphics and extremely easy and intuitive controls, Dungeon Knights is the best dungeon crawler you can find on the store! On your journey you will undertake numerous quests with awesome rewards, encounter unexpected places and individuals, and eventually make the king happy again.

Loot Quest

Travel a mythical land in breathtaking and challenging adventure. Search for loot in the dungeons, craft your equipment to make it super strong and fight hordes of monsters that have flooded the world. Explore the world, dig legendary loot, collect mysterious artefacts and craft powerful equipment!

Drunken Darts

Have you ever played darts in a bar, with friends or alone? Of course you have... Do you want to master it, entertain yourself and become the champion? Well this is your chance! Drunken darts is a game simulator that combines classic game of throwing darts and ads "real life" experience to it. Each round the game becomes harder as you get rewarded shots from different bottles from the bar.